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Active load management

Some utilities are embarking on the second phase of demand response. They are no longer looking at demand management as a passive sideline component of their business. Find out more here.

Balancing demand and supply

Find out how we are helping utilities to balance demand and supply by intelligently forecasting, influencing and optimizing power consumption, renewable generation, and use of available resources. Simply select and download materials, or build your own custom library which will be delivered directly to your e-mail inbox for immediate access.

Data discovery

Data discovery offers a way to identify where data integration will deliver most value – often in areas never even considered – so that efforts can be focussed there to deliver quick wins, validate opportunities, surface new possibilities, and create business cases for future investments. Find out more here.

DCC Gateway solution

Read about our part in one of the biggest IT transformation programs in British history – to install 53 million smart meters. Find out more here.

Enabling smart consumption

See how we are participating in programs to enable end consumers to enhance energy efficiency with real-time flows of information about their consumption and incentives such as smart tariffs.

Gateway administration

Read about OMNETRIC Group’s gateway administration solution specifically for the German market.  

Managing data and analytics

Find out about our evolutionary approach to combining the best of traditional systems and new solutions to get the best results out of analytics.

Managing distributed energy sources

Find out about our work with the National Renewable Energy Laboratories in the US to build a solution allowing intelligent grid components to interoperate.

Next generation outage management

Our holistic approach to next-generation outage management seamlessly integrates evolving data sources and applications (e.g., social media mining and smart grid analytics) with core systems enabling utilities to leapfrog the limitations imposed by existing power technologies. Find out more here.

Press releases

Read our press releases here.

Stabilizing the grid

Find out how we are helping to stabilize the grid to enable the delivery of consistent quality of power with our next-generation outage management solution.

Corporate overview

Find our corporate brochure and other materials about OMNETRIC Group here.

Wind power analytics

Video about the importance of wind power in the energy mix and what you can do about it.


Investment in technology products and related skills for implementation and registration can be prohibitive. Our hosted cloud-based apps and platforms offer an alternative. Find out more here.

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Press Release: OMNETRIC Group finds cloud-based analytics solutions can save millions for water utilities

Infographic about cloud-based analytics solutions for water utilities (500k residential meters)

Infographic about cloud-based analytics solutions for water utilities (100k residential meters)

Article in Metering and Smart Energy International: Your 2018 resolutions for IoT

Read about our solution to the challenge of establishing sustainable security log management in the OT environment

Press Release: OMNETRIC Group help Consolidated Edison, Inc. begin their smart meter operation

Presentation about our new utility applications on MindSphere

Press Release: OMNETRIC Group partners with Red Hat to offer open source-based integration solutions to utilities

Datasheet: OMNETRIC Smart Water Meter Data Provision solution

Datasheet: Cyberthreats - prevention and protection for utilities

Press Release: OMNETRIC Group partners with Kelag to develop the first MindSphere application for grid operations

What's Your Excuse? A Special Report in Metering and Smart Energy

Infographic explaining how we are using MindSphere to deliver OMNETRIC solutions for energy providers

Datasheet: Improving grid planning, outage management, and business performance with data insight

Press Release: OMNETRIC Group recognized as a major player in DERMS consulting, in IDC MarketScape Report

Press Release: OMNETRIC Group selected by Clay Electric Cooperative to implement a meter data management system

Information booklet with essential facts and figures about what we do and where we do it

Press Release: John Toubassi has re-joined OMNETRIC Group as Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Press Release: The City of Rotterdam and OMNETRIC Group partner to support the city's aim of being energy neutral by 2050

Podcast: Metering & Smart Energy International with Edward Benning

Article in Network: Why the NIS Directive is making utility security a priority

Press Release: Practical test for smart electricity grid in Rotterdam

Article in Metering & Smart Energy International: Community Energy: Power to the People

Press Release: OMNETRIC Group named as leader in IDC MarketScape Report

Press Release: Wabash Valley Power selects OMNETRIC Group to implement demand response and distributed energy management system

Press Release: OMNETRIC Group demonstrates an innovative grid edge control communications and control platform

Special Report: No IoT without IT/OT

Read our Community Energy equation - demonstrating the economic viability of the Community Energy concept

Take a look at our Community Energy scenario

Press Release: Demonstrating microgrid technology with CPS Energy and UTSA

Press Release: Entergy have selected Accenture & OMNETRIC Group to provide an advanced metering solution

Press Release: We have just released our extensive whitepaper 'Power to the People'

Read our comprehensive research whitepaper 'Power to the People'

Special Report: What will it take to make utilities hungry for grid-related analytics?

Infographic that addresses some of the myths surrounding Smart Grid cybersecurity

Press Release: OMNETRIC Group and Siemens are to field-test new renewable energy technologies for NREL’s Project INTEGRATE

Press Release: New project to deliver cloud-based analytics solutions with the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities

OMNETRIC Group teams with Tennessee electric cooperative on ambitious advanced metering initiative

Press Release: New project with Consolidated Edison Inc. to implement a meter data management platform

Datasheet: Explaining our advanced analytics solution for rapid outage prediction and restoration

Datasheet: Explaining our approach to analytics-based wind power forecasting

Video about using analytics to master outage management

Datasheet: Explaining the benefits of an as-a-service approach to support business needs

Press release: OMNETRIC Group partner with DVI to deliver advanced voltage optimization

Join the OMNETRIC Group team

OMNETRIC Group interview with IDC

Press release: OMNETRIC Group are planning to expand its operations for South East Asia

Video about the importance of wind power in the energy mix and what you can do about it

Press release: OMNETRIC Group's partnership with CPS Energy will help define and implement our analytics strategy

Infographic showing how our active load management solution helps utilities to more actively manage demand

Infographic showing how our partnership with NREL addresses the challenge of integrating renewable energy to the electric grid

Animation showing how we are redefining outage management

Brochure about the benefits of our next-generation outage management solution

Brochure (in German) about the benefits of our gateway administration solution.

Brochure on our evolutionary approach to analytics, combining the best of traditional systems and new solutions.

Brochure explaining how data discovery can make use of almost any available data to pinpoint where data integration will deliver most value.

Brochure explaining our approach to helping utilities achieve greater reliability and efficiency in the grid.

Infographic showing key facts about OMNETRIC Group as of July 2017