Integrating IT with OT systems to realize the benefits of the digital energy system

At OMNETRIC Group we deliver technology solutions that improve energy providers’ performance by integrating their energy operations with IT to support their business goals. Find out how improved integration can help you to discover and exploit data intelligence to capitalize on industry change.



How we are helping utilities capture the opportunities of digitization in the grid

Balancing demand and supply

Balancing demand and supply

Balancing demand and supply by intelligently forecasting, influencing and optimizing power consumption, renewable generation, and use of available resources.


The stability of the grid depends on utilities’ ability to balance demand and supply in real time. Changes in consumption, the integration of renewables, and more sophisticated control technologies mean utilities can now more actively manage demand. Active load management unifies traditionally siloed
utility systems, leveraging information within the transmission and distribution networks to forecast, influence, and optimize grid conditions in near-real time.
OMNETRIC Group facilitates active load management via a distributed energy resource management system helping utilities leverage existing infrastructure and integrate renewables, back office IT/OT systems, and consumer demand, to dynamically balance demand and supply. We also help link these systems to energy markets to influence and optimize power consumption, allowing utilities to see true financial benefits.

Find out about our active load management solution.


Managing distributed
energy sources

Managing distributed energy sources

Integrating distributed and renewable sources of energy via smart power management systems, with better forecasting for improved planning and marketability.


The power mix has changed. To fully exploit the outputs of distributed and renewable energy resources, monetize them, and use them to balance demand, they must be rationally integrated into the grid via smart management systems. Better forecasting of supply and demand improves planning, grid stability and cost efficiencies. Smart transmission systems help to tie and reliably transport varied renewable resources to the grid, adding balancing controls. OMNETRIC Group adds innovation to world class engineering and software solutions, answering the new challenges that distributed energy supply raises.

Find out about our work at NREL.


the grid

Stabilizing the grid

Stabilizing the grid for improved reliability, efficiency, and delivery through sensing and measurement, grid analytics, and advanced automation - with improved interfaces from power generation through to consumption.


A more dynamic operating landscape, diverse and variable load demand, and the increase in renewable generation sources are pushing utility T&D networks to their design and operating limits. It’s become more important than ever to enhance grid reliability and energy efficiency, monitoring the network for power swings and transient phenomena, enhancing power quality, reducing peak demand, and responding rapidly and effectively to outages. OMNETRIC Group combines engineering, operations, IT/OT integration, strategy and change management expertise with proven technologies and new thinking to improve monitoring, control and response. We address the needs of traditional and emerging network models using proven and innovative solutions.

Find out more about our next generation outage management solution.


Improving asset

Improving asset management

Optimizing use of capital and improving operations maintenance with asset management that correlates with business and operational needs.


Managing information about the networked assets utilities construct and maintain to deliver power is becoming increasingly complex as more smart devices are installed and more sources of asset condition and performance data become available. Making effective use of that data is increasingly important to manage asset health and grid performance, but also for capital investment planning and regulatory reporting. For utilities, the challenges are accessing data from disparate systems, ensuring data quality and validity, and deploying the tools and processes needed to turn data into useful information that can drive decision-making at multiple levels. New technology, new tools and new approaches are needed. OMNETRIC Group has the engineering, operations, IT/OT integration, strategy, business, and analytics skills to bridge the gap.
Enabling smart

Enabling smart consumption

Enabling end consumers to enhance energy efficiency with real-time flows of information about their consumption and incentives such as smart tariffs.


Smart meters enable the exchange of data between supplier and consumer. They inform utility strategies to balance demand, and allow consumers to manage their choices around energy. The result: more efficient use of available energy.

To leverage smart meter data, utilities must invest in infrastructure to communicate and interact with customers. In the deployment of consumer-facing and other smart consumption technologies, utilities have to be conscious of critical standards for data privacy, cybersecurity, and technology integration.
OMNETRIC Group enables utilities, distribution operators, and retailers to efficiently deploy software solutions that modernize and transform utility business operations. OMNETRIC Group ensures solutions are future-aware, compliant, and secure. A cloud-hosted option adds flexibility as well as managed services.

Find out more about our DCC-enabled solution for the UK or our German BSI-compliant gateway solution.


Managing data
and analytics

Managing data and analytics

Managing huge amounts of smart grid data and applying advanced engineering and statistical algorithms to continuously improve grid performance and help utilities become information driven organizations.


As traditional utility models continue to lose relevance, analytics is increasingly recognized for its enormous potential to drive innovation and transformation. To equip themselves for the future, utilities need to harness data from IT, OT and external systems, using advanced analytics to improve control, inform planning, and respond faster to information-driven opportunities. Our data discovery approach provides an easier and faster start to analytics. It can accelerate wins, steering strategies for swift, targeted value delivery. OMNETRIC Group effectively combines its utility operations and engineering experience with data Integration and advanced analytics expertise to give utilities comprehensive, timely and targeted access to accurate data, assisting them to become information driven

Find out what data discovery can do for you, or read our perspective on analytics for the real world.


the grid

Defending the grid

Defending the grid by integrating security, protecting control systems, reviewing internal processes, designing compliance frameworks, incorporating best practices, and enabling automation via IT.


The grid is vulnerable. The industrial control systems (ICS) of critical grid infrastructure – such as transmission and distribution equipment – are now IP-enabled. There is also a marked growth in grid applications and systems to manage growing smart grid complexity. This exposes utilities to cyber attacks, which can result in performance degradation and business losses, and endanger lives. Better management of the large volumes of data now generated by these systems can improve controls, and is essential to meet regulators’ growing demands for greater vigilance.

OMNETRIC Group is an IT/OT integration specialist with engineering and data expertise. Our deep understanding of utilities’ business and operational challenges enable us to review utility data, operations and security practices, and put in place the compliance and security frameworks needed.

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